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Love Cut Deep (Drama Play) Essay

  • Submitted by: tihanichiko
  • on February 25, 2014
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Love Cut Deep


4 assasins, assigned by a cruel queen to kill the prince. But what happens if one of the assasins betrayed   them, her own sisters, just to save her love, Prince Eric.


[A bad queen, sitting in her throne. Two of the assassins (Oddette & Claudia) are holding a poor young lady with chains on both his hands]

Queen Leah     : Who is this young woman you are holding ?

Odette : Anna Wood my queen.

Queen Leah         : Oh, Anna Anna Anna. [Lift her chin] What a life you have. Disobeying your own   Queen. [smirks] Have you not afraid of death?

Anna Wood : Woe to you! Justice will be revealed any! Let the truth be tasting anything! In the
  name of the innocent, I CURSE YOU!

Queen Leah : [Laugh sarcastically] Slay her! Let her beauty dies along with her. That traitor shall   not be spare for more!

[The assassins chop her head.] [Claudia come before the Queen to report]

Claudia : My Queen, I come before you to report a tragedy. Your Princess Lilith is rumoured
                                to marry Prince Eric from the kingdom of Verone.

Queen Leah : [Standing abruptly] What?! He shall not! How dare he touch what’s mine!
  [With shaking voice] My empire shall come a cropper if my daughter were to marry
  him! I shall wait no further! Assassinate that said prince at once! And bring his head
  before me!

Assassins : Your command shall we upheld. Thou have us words.

[The Queen sits down angrily & drinks from her goblet, feeling her soul crying]
[Song : Castle Wall – C. Aguilera]
[background in black castle]


[The assassins are on the act, in the journey to Prince Eric’s kingdom]
[They stop for rest at night.]
[The background is picture of woods in the night with full moon]

Trinity : Prince Eric Gratton… [mumbling within herself] I can’t help my curiosity about him.

Claudia : [smirks] Not surprising. He is said...

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