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Love Across the Salt Desert Analysis

  • Submitted by: monkeysenglish
  • on March 2, 2014
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The village is totally parched and dry and it has not rained there for years together. Many villagers earn their livelihood by smuggling goods across the border braving the BSF (Border Security Force) , Pakistan Army and bringing back goods from Pakistan as exchange. Our hero and his father too smuggle stuff into Pakistan and bring back spices from a Pakistan Village. Within a day Najab discovered that the fellow was an absolute rogue who drove such acussed bargain that for the first time in his hearing his father started mouthing obscenities. In these border villages the pattern of life was such that if a man was absent long with his camel, it was taken for granted that he had made a foray across the desert into Pakistan. He knew of overworked camels dying of fatigue, of the patrolling parties of the B.S.F. and the Indus Rangers and the mirage-chequered, trackless wastes of the desert. But he succumbed to a rush of blood and the face of Fatimah beckoned him like a mirage. When the dust settled half an hour later he was alone in the Rann. Under a hot tin sky, the Rann was blazing now, throwing up white needles which hurt the eyes. Two hours before dawn, Kaley Shah was woken up by the beat constable banging on the door. A smuggler has come across the Rann, Kaley Shah. Najab thought that Kaley Shah's waist cloth, with its black and white checks looked like a chess board. The next two days Kaley Shah was busy buying cloves and arranging to get Allahrakha grazed a few miles away, by a cowherd. Najab slept in the cattle-shed in the evening and slipped into Fatimah's room late at night. Has it never occurred to you to take a ride on Allahrakha across the Rann? He had waited with his camel at the outskirts of the village and she had slipped out after her father had started snoring. For her it meant just a shift in dialect, a smear of Kutchi added and a little of Sindhi sandpapered away. And the camel lurched and bumped onwards and Najab drove him hard. As they neared...

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