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Love Essay

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Below is an essay on "Love" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Select a local firm/organization and write a strategic plan for this firm/organization. Cite relevant management theories to support your methodology, analysis and conclusion.

The marking scheme for the individual project is as follows:

  1. Table of Contents     2 pts
    • Show topic item and page number.

  2. Executive Summary 7 pts
    • Give a synopsis of the content of the paper.

  3. Introduction /Background 5 pts
    • Identify the selected organisation and the industry in which it operates.
    • Provide a brief history.

  4. Methodology 5 pts
    • State the method to be used in preparing and presenting this paper.

  5. Critique and/or write a Vision and Mission for the org. 10 pts

  6. External Factor Evaluation 10 pts
    • Complete an EFE and present same along with explanation or justification of the weightings and ratings applied.

  7. An analysis of the organisation’s internal environment. 20 pts
    • Complete an IFE Matrix and present same along with explanation or justification of the weightings and ratings applied.

  8. Financial Analysis. 15 pts
    • Calculate one ratio from each category covered in the course and comment on the organisation’s performance over at least a three year period.
    • Comment on the organisation’s performance relative to industry standards.
    • Depending on the organisation, you may find that the financial ratios may not apply; then budgetary issues, funds allocation and funds usage may have to be used. Be creative in the method used to analyse the organisation’s financial position.

  9. Business Strategy 15 pts
    • Identify and assess the company’s/organisation’s current business strategy.
    • Comment on any changes in strategy(ies)during the last 3-5 years.
    • Comment on the appropriateness of the strategy (ies) utilized by the company.
    • Make recommendations for change if need be.


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