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Louis Pasteur Essay

  • Submitted by: flamefire
  • on March 25, 2014
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Hello my name is Louis Pasteur. I was born in France in 1822. I completed my studies of chemistry and biology at Lille University in 1854. For many years there has been this theory that living things, such as germs, maggots and flies could appear almost by magic if the conditions were right. The very idea! I started to question this theory, which is what lead me to discover one of the World's most greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.

About 3 years after I graduated from University, I was asked to find out what was making a company's beetroot alcohol turn sour. After much experimenting, I concluded that germs were damaging the liquid and conveniently enough, the same to milk and beer. So I set out to find the right solution from this problem.

By slowly heating the liquid, beer and milk I successfully killed the germs. I wanted to name this process something that would be recognised, so I named it 'Pasteurisation'. It kept the liquid germ free and safe to drink. I was now convinced that these germs were coming from the surrounding air. I was determined to prove the idea of “Spontaneous generation” wrong. I used two glass containers with very long spouts and boiled the liquid I put into each.   I bended one of the spouts which would stop the air moving into the flask. The germs would only be able to reach the curve, not the liquid.

The liquid in the other flask however, I expected to go bad due to the straight spout allowing germs to easily reach the liquid. And to no surprise whatsoever, I was correct. I had proven germs didn't come to life by themselves. They could only be found in places they could reach. I had finally put the theory of “Spontaneous generation” to an end. I didn't stop there. I wanted the World to know that I was right. To do this, I published my “Germ Theory” in 1861.

I started to consider that if the liquid could be damaged by the germs then the same could happen in animals and humans. I eventually got to test this theory...

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