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Look Before You Leap Essay

  • Submitted by: AlviaRamadhani1
  • on June 26, 2014
  • Category: English
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Monthly Writing Task
Full Name N.I.M. Field Major Semester Note : Alfia Kusuma Ramadhani : 12030204217 : Biology :27/04/2014 :1

Title: Look Before You Leap A proverb is a short popular sentence or phrase that says a general truth about life or gives advices. The title above is a well-known proverb. At first glance, means we have to be careful before we jump. The advice given in the proverb is that we have to be careful before doing everything. Sometimes we are up against many attractive stuff in life that we don’t consider whether it is a good things or bad things. Not only happened to an attractive stuff but also the opportunities that we faced in life which is, usually we got dilemma to make a decision between them. For example, hanging out with friends seems to be an attractive things but it can make one’s delayed jobs and spends more money. This is also required when we decided to make friends with somebody, a good friend is someone who can urged us to be a good and better person. There are many things in life that we should be careful so we won’t be tricked and regret it in the future. The problem is somehow we have no idea of what the impacts for us in future. But there is one thing for sure that we can do to prevent from regreting, that dont judge something by its cover. Because when you see something or somebody, it may be left a good impression at first so we thought that it would be something good or nice person. But try to investigate it again, an attractive things or interesting people doesn’t mean a good one. Nowadays people cannot be apart from technology, however the technology usage may cause an addictive for some reasons. The most advanced technology in decade is internet, there’s nobody in this whole world who doesn’t know internet. Almost everyone in this world use technology to support their daily activities or jobs such as gardening, cooking, studying, and even shopping.* Today’s student prefer browsing on internet rather than reading books...

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