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Lol They Aint About the Life Essay

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  • on June 23, 2014
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In Canada alone, Aboriginal people make up about 3 percent of Canada's inhabitants. It can be estimated that 35 percent of Canada's aboriginal or native peoples live in urban places such as Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Each of these places has populations greater than 20,000. Aboriginals also live throughout Canada in all of our provinces with a large amount in the Prairie Provinces. It can be estimated that less than half of Canada’s aboriginal people live on reserves. In the arctic, the inuit are the majority because the harsh winter climate has discouraged European settlement.

In not only Canada, but throughout the world, Aboriginals have arranged themselves into "tribes", each tribe having there own territory, language, and culture. As time passed, the tribes and territories have changed in the way that they speak many different languages, live in a different cultural settings, gain economic wealth in diverse ways, and have came up with many different gouverning systems.

For centuries, Native Canadian peoples have fought and put up an enormous fight for political SOVERIGNTY and a government in which they could run their own way. Aboriginals have been fighting a long battle against assimilation and THE UTTER DESTRUCTION OF THEIR CULTURE. Aboriginal people are now simply trying to preserve and re-obtain the pieces of their heritage and culture which they still may be able to do.

A hard thing for Aboriginals to grasp is the fact that they must live under Canadian government when infact they are a different race, culture and society than the people who try to PRESIDE OVER THEM.

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