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Living in a Right-Handed World Essay

  • Submitted by: busagirl
  • on June 20, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Living In a Right-Handed World
The difficulties left-handers have living in and adapting to a right-handed world, through the perspective view of a left-hander.  
I began to notice the world to be anti left when I was in middle school. I can recall when I was in the first grade my teacher would refuse to teach me to write or even to use scissors if I used my left hand. I was even swatted on the back of the wrist with a pointing stick and sometimes with a wooden ruler if I was caught using my left hand in some of my elementary classes. I had one teacher that would make fun of me and would tease me by showing me a pair of left hand scissors she kept in her desk but told me that I would never have the pleasure of using them.
No matter how much I was teased or abused, I somehow knew that it was ok for me to want to use my left hand regardless of what the teacher thought. I was mixed up for quite some time. (It was always in my head that I was different and some people just didn’t like me).
The world left has always been associated with a negative disposition. When you look up the word left and the word right in the American dictionary, right means correct or good and left means weak or useless. In the Latin language left means sinister and masturbation translated
means left-handed whore. There are also some comments that are considered to be left-handed or back handed compliments in other words a compliment that insults or puts down at the same time. I have listed a few just to give you an idea of what I am taking about. Your best work is behind you, have you considered golf? You look good in those jeans, they make you looks slim. A left-handed marriage is not a type of marriage instead it is an immoral and adulterous sexual excursion. In Arabic countries, they greet you with a right hand shake because they use their left hand on the...

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