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Literature And Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: nadaghazyn
  • on March 18, 2012
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Does knowing your place matter?

Growing up during our generation and our century is different than growing up in the past. Nowadays, globalization, technology, and the Internet make it difficult for one to decide where they actually fit in. It is extremely overwhelming to decide where your exact place will be in the future, or even knowing your place today. Of course it is important to know where your ‘place’ is or where you want to end up being; however, consciously trying to find out where your ‘place’ is now or which ‘place’ you want to reach will be very overwhelming due to the modern world we live in today where everyday new businesses emerge, new medications cure, and new jobs invented.   As long as one makes progress with the goals they have set for themselves then one will find ‘their place’. Knowing how to act when there are opportunities is the way of finding and defining where you fit in, and what ‘place’ you want to reach.

Knowing your place may be defined in various ways and so the paragraph above explains knowing your place in the world and where one fits in. However, I believe that everyone should have a rough idea of where they want to wind up being. For example, my ‘place’ has to be intimate. Writing, a form of catharsis to me is very important, and so the corner for writing I have at home is considered to be ‘my place’ and in this case, knowing my place matters. Its where I sit when I am inspired, it is where I sit when I am emotionally distanced from someone, it is where I sit when I want to spill my thoughts, emotions, and dreams. In this case, knowing your place matters, because it becomes something essential in your life, a ‘place’ that rather makes you into the person you want to be. Knowing your ‘place’ sometimes can help define you as a person to yourself and to others; however, as stated in the first paragraph, knowing ‘your place’ in the future is not necessarily important.

Lastly, knowing your place is to a certain extent...

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