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Literary Analysis

  • Submitted by: aroux23
  • on June 25, 2014
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Haunted and Pompeii: An Analysis on Modern Lyrics

  As generations evolve and grow out of their usual fads, popular music evolves with them. We have seen throughout the decade’s Rock and Roll transition to disco, disco transition to new wave and new wave transition to Grunge and into the modern music we know today. As of late, music has become more abundant and arguably lost its essence to present a story ; yet there are few artists that continue to produce thought-provoking tales. The band in question is Bastille and their two songs “Haunt” and “Pompeii”. “Haunt” presents and argument between accepting one-self and “Pompeii” recites the struggle of dealing with difficult times in adult life.
  At first glance “Haunt” may appear to be a tale of two lovers learning to move forward in their lives, yet closer analysis of the lyrics demonstate a struggle withing the narrator, as he deals with accepting himself further. At the beginning of the song, the narrator depicts an arrangement between two unknown entities and how he fails to make the appointment by leaving him “in the doorway”, then further on that same verse he talks about how one of the entities is looking up towards “A cloundless sky” and later realizes that his life is headed on the same path as before. Arguably, one can present that at this point in the lyric the two entities are two different people that are perhaps in love yet once has lost intrest in the other but later comes back to realize that their lives togheter will continue regardless of what happened in the past. However, we can observe that from a single point of view, it illustrates a battle between two conflicting viewpoints the narrator has. The lyric “and I’ll leave you in the doorway” represents that the narrator’s core self isn’t ready to fully integrate that conflicting part of him, hiding it and preventing him from threading forward out the “doorway” for the world to see. This statement is later on supported by the lyrics of the...

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