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Limitless Essay

  • Submitted by: Memoo7
  • on August 31, 2013
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Director: Neil Burger
Actor: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro

Limitless is about a writer, who discovers a top secret drug by the name of “NZT”. It is based on the book “ The Dark Fields” (2001), by Irish writer Alan Glyn. In the movie, this drug “NZT”, lets you access not only access 20% of your brain but the full 100%. Essentially, it gives you the feeling of productivity and moving forward. It focus your mind and thus you are able to process things more efficiently. In a way, it reminds me of Ritalin. I used Ritalin on a regular basis, and it made me more focused and calm. However, this drug is “exaggerated” in a way. Anything you have ever written, seen or read becomes like the back of your hand. In addition, you are able to learn things in a very short period of time. Eddie, was able to learn piano in three days, and upon interacting with foreigners he instantly knew their language. This movie is suitable for audiences who enjoy thrillers. Some people say the plot is underdeveloped. It is not hard for the mind to guess the forthcoming of events. If you are more into mind puzzling movies with deep meaning and understanding this is not the movie for you. It is a fun fast phased easy to watch movie.
Four things I enjoyed about this movie
  1) Camera techniques and effects that are used to impute what is going on in the main characters head. The montage was fantastic. For example: The fight seen on the subway. It was really impressive all the videos that went flashing through his mind's eye. I was able to recognize “ Way of the Dragon” and “Human Weapon”.   The Cinematography for this film was done by Joe Williams; the director of photography.
  2) Paul Leonard Morgan is the music composer for this film. I loved his choice of music. Amongst many of the tracks in this movie is: Ciacda by Versus.   One of my favorite songs. This is the first song at the bar as Eddie (Bradley Cooper) tells people about his book. Another spectacular pick is Walking...

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