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Like a Star on Earth Essay

  • Submitted by: jhennys
  • on September 4, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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After watching this Indian Movie Film “Like a Star on Earth”, it gives me an inspiration. As a future Educator I should act not only a teacher who teaches lesson to my students but, a teacher that don’t even judge every student. I should be responsible and I should have a deep understanding on their background, just like what Nickumbh did to Ishaan.
As our teacher told us that we were going to watch a movie, I never thought that it was very inspiring. At first I laugh because the story was so funny, well mostly all my classmates laugh.As the story go along,it made me cry especially when Ishaan parents send him into a boarding school and when his family left him. His mother always cry , then also the part when his mother saw the notebook with his drawings that he was not with his family, that was so bad, It made my tears fell down.
This movie really touches my heart, the story was good as well as the actors. It must be watched by the parents who pushes their child on something that they can’t do. The movie raised awareness of the issue of dyslexia, and prompted more open discussions among parents, schools, activists, and policymakers. This film raises serious questions on mental health perspectives. We seem to be heading to a state of mass scale mindlessness even as children are being pushed to 'perform'. Are we seriously getting engrossed in the race of achievement and blissfully becoming numb to the crux of life, experiencing meaningful living in a broader frame rather than merely existing? The film depicts how threats and coercion are not capable of unearthing rich human potentialities deeply embedded in children, and that teachers should instead map their strengths and weakness. With this in mind, felt that "dexterously drives home the precise point that our first priority ought to be getting to know the child before making any efforts to fill them with knowledge and abilities.
This movie was focus on an eight year- old boy named Ishaan, who dislikes schools...

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