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Light Intensity Vs Distance (Physics) Essay

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Intensity of light vs Distance
Background information:
Inverse square law: Inverse square law describes the relationship between the intensity of light and the distance from the light source. The further away you are from the light source, the less intense it will be.
Light intensity (lux): It is a measure of the wavelength- weighted power emitted by a light source in a particular direction.
Inversely proportionate: If a graph is inversely proportionate, it means the graph must be a straight line (y=mx+b or y=kX) and it must pass the origin (0,0).
Attenuation:   Weakening in force or intensity. In this case it is referred to the intensity of the light source.

To model the inverse square law for light intensity and distance from the source.
As the light source goes further away, the intensity decreases.
Independent variable:
Distance from the light source (m)
Dependant variable:
Intensity of the light source (lux)
Controlled variable:
Same environment, same source of light, same setup/positioning, same instruments, same light sensor and same data logger.

  * Ruler
  * Light meter
  * data logger
  * wires
  * retort stand
  * light globe
  * power supply for globe (power point)

  * Avoid dropping the globe; the glass will shatter causing possible harm
  * Avoid carrying out the experiment close to a water source as there are electrical equipment used in this experiment.
  * Make sure the power point switch is turned off before plugging anything in
  * Avoid staring at the globe too much or too closely to avoid eye damage
  * Plug in the power adapter with dry, not wet hands.
  1. Gather all equipment necessary for the experiment.
  2. Position a ruler on a steady and level desk and fasten it in place, make sure it does not move to ensure a fair test
  3. Align the light sensor to the same level as the filament of the light globe using a retort stand.
  4. Connect the...

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