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Life Transition Essay

  • Submitted by: jayces28
  • on June 20, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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In past decade’s transition mark the reality that every individual undergoes different changes in response to their environment. It encompasses physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes that contribute in their way to human development. People view development as the growth of humans throughout the lifespan (Kendra, C.). Different spectrum of theories arises related to human development that gives clear outline of knowledge and provides guidelines or concept that best explain human development. Base on my assessment, I classify myself in early adulthood. All the information given by different theories that explain that stage gives me strong answer that I belong in this group. In terms of physical changes I undergo on that pubertal stage, body changes like broadening of the hip and etc. cognitive changes involves understanding morality with having democratically establish law and principles of human rights, know what is wrong and right. Believe that trust is the basis of relationship. Intimate relationship and commitments to work is the main social development of this stage (Piaget, Cognitive Development). In short, Adolescence is a period of marked change in the person’s cognitive, physical, psychological, and social development and in the individual’s relations with the people and institutions of the social world (Gestsdottir, S. 2008).

The best maker in terms of physical growth in early adulthood is when the body reached maturity. I consider this stage as the “prime of life”. Since I already have underwent all these hip broadening, growth spurt, growing of hair and breast development which classified in pubertal period. So from adolescence after undergoing all the changes, still some of the characteristics like being self- conscious is being practice in this stage of growth lifespan. So from adolescence this is the onset of puberty, development of secondary sex characteristics and hormone changes. Thus, while all hormones produce physical...

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