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Life as We Knew It Essay

  • Submitted by: brooko
  • on March 25, 2014
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willingness to survive is one of the key themes throughout the duration of the novel “life as we knew it”,by susan phfeffer. the characters embrace different kinds of tactics for survival and have different attitudes to survive.
throughout the novel, the characters endure different natural disasters such as volcano eruptions,tsunamis and extreme weather conditions due to an asteroid impacting the moon knocking it off its axis. The characters are forced to mature and develop a different attitude towards survival. numerous characters such as miranda have a positive outlook towards survival in which miranda uses her journal writing as a coping mechanism.

miranda survives by decreasing her meal portions as well as journeying her thoughts.
Miranda was asked to sacrifice meals by her mother to provide her brothers with the nutrition needed in order to sustain life. Miranda accepted her mothers request and kept at an agreement. In addition she documents her thoughts and feelings into a journal to get through difficult times and situations. This is supported when miranda states “but today when i am 17 and warm and well fed,i am keeping this journal to myself so i can remember life as we knew it,life as we know it.” (page 399). This affiliates that miranda uses her journal as a way of coping with the situation which provides her an opportunity for hope. Therefore mirandas survival tactic s are beneficial to herself as well as her family. Unlike miranda, laura’s survival plans are extreme and she resorts to stockpiling   and cutting meals out of her daily life completely.

laura’s survival methods involve her in extracting her meal portions and also relying on stockpiling to survive.
Miranda’s mum ‘Laura’ changed promptly when the first sign of disaster took place in May.   She was quick to take action with a vast shopping trip to stock up on food and supplies. She made many decisions for her family’s health and nutrition by starving herself and sending Jonny to...

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