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Library Essay

  • Submitted by: srodriguez21
  • on March 1, 2014
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Suleymi Rodriguez

Professor Thorstenson


11 February 2014

The Library is a shed of Knowledge

Cumberland County College Have Various Resources to help with student academic success. The library is one of the main places that contribute with each and every student’s academic success. The library at Cumberland County College it’s not only free of charge, it provides students with many great resources and also provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, for students to feel comfortable and focus.
As the big metal doors open and the first step is taken upon entering the library automatically the fresh smell of paper will hit. The smell is one of a kind it smells as if it was the first day of school all over again. With a brand new backpack filled with brand new notebooks, textbooks and utensils.   The computer key boards are constantly ticking and ticking by the focused, hardworking students working as busy as bees. The sound of the keyboards is practically one of the only sounds that are heard in the library, being so everyone is as quiet as a church mouse. If any conversation is heard is whispering sounds that are difficult to hear. This atmosphere allows everyone to work peacefully and be able to focus.
The library at Cumberland County College is field with big, brown, tall wooden book shelves. Filled with different kinds of books of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and placed neatly in order. All the books on the bookshelf are labeled with letters on the edge of every book in black ink on white paper. These letters symbolize the alphabetical order each book is in. The books cover practically any topic, fact or fiction for research purposes. Students will probably be looking for books that synthesize all the information on one topic to support any argument or thesis. The book shelves or as the library calls them “stacks”, are organized by resources. There’s a section for magazines, a section for academic journal, database, newspaper, Addison and...

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