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Levi’s Video Case Questions Essay

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Levi’s Video Case Questions
  2. How do/did celebrities influence the rise of the Levi’s brand?
The rise of the Levis brand couldn’t come without the celebrities who wore them to make a statement, in turn people all over the world wanted to get their hands on a pair. Bruce Springsteen owned a pair of Levis 501 jeans, which he wore on the front cover of his album. This helped Levis sales go up 20%. John Wayne wore them in his movies and they were worn by the boys in the movie “The Wild One.” After being shown in the movie, TV, music, and overall entertainment market, Levis were perceived as a bad boy/girl image. Jeans were not allowed to be worn in school. Kids all over were viewed as rebels if they wore them.

  3. How did the jeans market change in the 1980’s?   What effect did Brook Shields have?
In the 1980s jeans manufactures changed the image of jeans. It became more “youthful “and sexy. Levis 501 jeans became available for women in the early 80s. Other clothing manufactures began to make their own jeans some made an entirely new company specifically for jeans. Specific styles were made for women to fit their different body types. Levis became lost in the new look and were known as your mother or grandmothers jeans. Calvin Klein took apart the Levis 501 jeans figuring out how to reinvent and make jeans sexy.

  5. Discuss the market for vintage jeans.
Vintage Levis jeans are being bought and sold all around. Some people will pay hundreds of thousands for 1 pair of vintage jeans. The vintage Levis are a big hit because the San Francisco factory was destroyed by an earthquake. Inside the factory were old vintage Levis jeans that designers looked back to when creating new Levis designs. All of the jeans were lost, causing today’s designers to continue to hunt for vintage jeans that might be around. The vintage jeans are worth a lot to most because they “capture a time and place through something authentic.”

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