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Levels of Life Worksheet Essay

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Part I: Atomic Structure – Fill in the missing information on atomic structure and organic compounds.  

Atomic Structure
Subatomic Particle Charge Location in an Atom
Proton Positive Nucleus
Neutron Neutral Nucleus
Electron Negative Outer Rings

Organic Compounds
Large Biological Molecule Atoms it Contains Monomer(s) Function(s) in Living Organisms
Carbohydrates C, H, and O Monosaccharides Source of energy
Lipid C, H, and O Glycerol and fatty acids Cushion and insulate organs; builds cell membranes
Protein C, H, O, N, and S Amino Acids Helps chemical reactions, provides support and structure, provides transport within bodies and provides movement of body
Nucleic Acids C, H, O, N, and P Nucleotides Stores and transmits genetic information

Part II: Characteristics of Living Organisms – Seven characteristics distinguish an object or thing from an actual living organism. All seven characteristics must be present simultaneously for something to be considered living. Fill in the remaining characteristics in the following table.  

Characteristics of a Living Organism
1.   Order – exhibit complex but ordered organization.
2.   Regulation – adjusting internally to keep within appropriate limits
3.   Growth and Development – Information carried by genes control the patterns of growth
4.   Energy Utilization -   Take in energy, and use it for some other function
5.   Response to the Environment – responds to environmental stimuli
6.   Reproduction – all forms of living organisms reproduce
7.   Evolution – the ability to change over time

Part III: Write a 200- to 300-word explanation of how atoms make up organic compounds, which make up all living organisms, addressing all three domains.

An atom is made up of three different sub-atomic particles. Different combinations of these sub-atomic particles will make up different organic compounds. An atom consists of two main parts; the inner nucleus that is the center...

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