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Lesson Plan - Ed Studies

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  • on March 2, 2014
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Croft Pre School
Circle Time Activity Plan – The Postman Knocks
“Circle Time provides the ideal opportunity for all our intelligences to be stretched and challenged.   Children are not only specifically taught the skills they need for personal and social development, but they also learn self-awareness and how to recognise and monitor their own feelings.   In addition they are taught strategies to handle their and others’ feelings in a respectful and sensitive way.”
Jenny Mosley ‘More Quality Circle Time’ (1998)
The Golden Rules of Circle Time
• We listen to each other
• We do not say or do anything that would hurt another person
• We only speak when holding the ‘speaking object’
Early Learning Goals
• Say and use number names in order in familiar contexts. (MD)
• Recognise numerals 1 – 10
• Count reliably up to 10 everyday objects
Learning Objective Number recognition reinforcement
Resources o 10 envelopes numbered 1-10
o A hat and bag for the postal worker
o A set of numbered door cards 1-10
o Chairs for the circle
Introductory Phase
Go through the ‘The five skills of circle time’ with the children:
• Looking
• Listening
• Speaking
• Thinking
• Concentrating
Remember to use stickers and praise to reinforce desired behaviour:
“Well done ………… for using good looking skills”
Middle Phase
o Sit in a circle and show the children the ten envelopes, recapping on the numbers 1-10.   Count out the envelopes with the children
o Explain about the Post Box game and practice the song (to the tune of ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’
This is the way we deliver the post, deliver the post, deliver the post.
This is the way we deliver the post, so early in the morning.
o Explain that some of the other children are going to be in the houses and that they hole the numbered doors so the postman or post woman knows where to deliver them to.
o Invite one of the children to be the postman or postwoman, put the hat on/collect the bag.
o Hand out the...

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