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Lesson Plan

  • Submitted by: duhaazizamara
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: English
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Monday, 2nd of Feb, 2014
Turaan School  

Dear diary,
Today was a very cold day, and I was sick, so it was difficult for me to prepare myself, because of this I didn't arrive to the bus station on time. I went with my father so I arrive to the school on time. As every Monday the teacher didn’t teach the second lesson, so I stayed with my classmates in the teachers' room till the third lesson that we observed it with teacher Safaa in the sixth grade. It was a boring lesson because she spent the whole time solving the homework from the work book. After the break we stayed in the teachers' room because teacher Ayda didn’t teach the "individual lesson". The fifth lesson was in the fourth grade, and they had an exam. The teacher asked us to sit near weak students and help them if they find any difficulties, and we did that. The last and the disaster lesson, the lesson that the teacher asked me and my classmate to teach because of the absence of some teachers. We entered the second grade with the positive outlook that the students are so cute, but we saw the opposite, they didn't listen to any of us even for one minute, and they were shouting playing in the class, no one was sitting. We didn’t control them just when their teacher came and shouted on them. We wanted to do some English activities but we changed our mind because their failure to respect and we obliged them except some students to rewrite the Arabic passive. I don’t know if I will accept to teach another lesson because of these students.

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