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Lesson Plan

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  • on February 26, 2014
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1] What is domestic animal?
A] Animals that live in our homes and are useful to us are domestic animals.ex: Cat, Dog
2] What are wild animals?
A] Animals that live in a forest are wild animal. Lion, Tiger
3] How can we take care of animals?
A] We must give good food, clean water and be kind to them.
4] Write any features of birds?
A] Birds have two legs, Birds have a beak, and Birds have wings to fly.
5] Why do we need food?
A] We need food to live and grow. It makes us strong and healthy, give us energy to work and play.
6] Write three good food habits?
A] We must eat our food slowly, chew the food well, and chew the food with mouth closed.
7] Write the uses of water?
A] Drinking, cleaning, washing and cooking are the uses of water.
8] Write any two methods to prevent the wastage of water?
A] Close the tap when you brush your teeth, Use a bucket and a mug for bathing.
9] Why do we wear clothes?
A] We wear clothes to cover our body and to protect from heat and cold.
10] Why do we need a house?
A] We need a house to protect us from heat, cold, wind, rain, and thieves.
11] Write any two safety rules to be followed at home?
A] Do not play with matches or fire; do not play with knives, blade, or other sharp pointed things.
12] Why do we clean our house?
A] Dust and dirt make us sick, so we should clean our house.
13] What is travel?
A] Moving from place to place is called travel.
14] How does air help us?
A] Plants, animals and human beings need air to breathe.
15] Name two things are can do to keep the air clean?
A] We can ride a bicycle or walk to the nearby places; we must plant trees around our house.
16] What is a hobby?
A] The activity that we do for fun after finishing our work is called hobby.
Fill in the blanks:
1] Animals that live on farms are called ----------------animals.
2] We must take ---------of animals.
3] We take ---------of our pets.
4] Farm animals need ----------- place to live.
5] Birds have...

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