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Lesson 9 Presentation Plan

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Lesson 9 Presentation Plan
Title Slide|Increase of Divorce Rates and its Effects, ENG101, 10/19/12 |
Slide 1 Problem Overview|In the generation we live in, divorce is so easily implemented. With the increased acceptance comes an increased rate of divorces in America. These divorces cause damage to the individual, their family, even worse their children.|
Slide 2 Background|In this slide I would like to provide a graph that shows the increase in divorce rates over the past century or so. David Masci’s article provides an amazing graph that gives the perfect glimpse of the increase in divorce rates.|
Slide 3                   Background (continued)|Additionally, I would like to provide another graph that shows the statistics of what type of family children live in. David Masci’s article has the perfect graph that shows what type of marriage household children live in these days compared to the 1970’s|
Slide 4                   Proposed Solution |In this slide I will show art one of my solution, which is that all states nationwide implement a law that requires pre-marital counseling for a set period of time before a couple can get married. The nation recognizes the problem of divorce in America and five states have recommended pre-marital counseling but have no made it a requirement. |
Slide 5                   Proposed Solution (continued)|In this slide I will show part two of my solution, which is that all states nationwide implement a law that requires couples to attend a set amount of counseling sessions to work on their marriage before they can divorce. Currently there is a law called a covenant agreement that does this exact thing, however, it isn’t required for every couple. It is only required for those who willingly want this before they get married.|
Slide 6                 Effects on Marriages|With the solutions I have proposed, I believe with all my heart that marriages will prosper. Marriages will actually start out healthy from pre-marital...

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