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Lenovo's Innovative Essay

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New Lenovo is an innovative, international technology company formed by Lenovo and the former IBM Personal Computing Division .In 2003, Lenovo replaced its English label from"Legend" to "Lenovo", where "Le" from the original logo "Legend", representing its established tradition, the newly added "novo" from the Latin word "new", represents the innovative spirit of Lenovo's core.In 2004, Lenovo officially from the "Legend" was renamed "Lenovo".The target campany of my thesis today is   "Lenovo" - Association.
Today, the fierce market competition, corporate management must defeat competitor by a surprise action. A great marketing plan can make an enterprise from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from weak to strong .Competition in the international market has been strongly resistanced into the planning of the era of winning.

Lenovo's 4P strategy

As the Marketing combinatorics put forward , .the 4P strategy appeared.
The so-called 4P is the product ,price, channel and promotion.

From the products, Lenovo provides customers with award-winning ThinkPad laptop and ThinkCentre desktops, and equips them with ThinkVantage Technologies software tools, ThinkVision monitors and a series of PC accessories and options worldwide. In China, Lenovo's PC products in the market share is of nearly one-third. With its leading technology, ease of use features, personalized design and a wide range of solutions, it's well received by Chinese customers. For the Chinese market, Lenovo also has a rich product line, including mobile handsets, servers, peripherals and digital products....

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