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Lenin Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Lenin was one of the most influential politicians of all times. The founder of communism that once covered half of the globe. He was the father of the Soviet Union ,the first ever socialist state. Soviet socialism was for decades and example of a well set up economy that even till the late 1960s it wasn't an absurd idea that the socialist system could surpass the capitalist one. He was also the symbol of revolution inspiring many such as Castro or Ho Chi Minh.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov or Lenin was born in 22 of August 1870 in Sibrisk(later Ulyanovsk to his honor). He was the third child of a family of 6 children. His older brother Aleksandr Ulyanov was part of the revolutionary organization(НАРОДНАЯ ВОЛЯ) responsible for the assassination of tsar Alexander II and the for plotting the murder of Alexander III. The 5 conspirators of the organization were executed. This had a serious impact on Lenin.
Lenin was an excellent learner he was always the best student in his class. When he finished school in 1887 he was awarded for his excellent grades. He continued his education entering the Kazan University where he started studying Marx. He finished his studies and got a practice license in 1891.In 1892 he started to work as a lawyer.
In 1894 he moves to Saint Petersburg where he starts a theoretical struggle against the anti-Marxists. In 1895 he met fellow idealists in Switzerland(Plekhanov, Axelrod and others) to form the movement “Liberation of the Working Class”. In 1896 he was imprisoned for his radical ideas and then was sent to exile in Siberia for three years.
In 1898 he married N.Krupskaya who was a devoted follower of the party .In 1900 from Switzerland he reorganized the movement and later printed a news paper “Iskra” from Munich which was smuggled into Russia.
At the second conference of the RSDLP(Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party) at Brussels and London in 1903 the party was divided into the Bolsheviks and the...

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