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Legaliza Prostitution Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Unemployment numbers over an extended period of time can tell viewers a lot about policies, culture, and industry. In this country those unemployment numbers tell viewers the confidence that business feel in our economy. An economy can be boosted by many things from politics to industry; however, I propose three ways that we can lower unemployment that will also boost the economy, at once curing both a symptom and a disease.
First I propose the creation of a new industry, prostitution. In criminology we define prostitution as a victimless crime, essentially, no person is being unconsciously hurt. Opponents could argue that children of prostitutes are harmed but, if we legalize and regulate prostitution, there should be far fewer children that result from that line of work.   This new industry will lower unemployment by creating many new jobs for both men and women. Also this will decrease court costs of prosecuting prostitutes while bringing in lots of money from the taxes America could levy to keep that industry safe. A more depressing view is also that this line of work is truly open to anyone. In a world where felons, poor, or challenged people are begging for jobs and yet cannot find any, prostitution would provide a legal outlet for the most desperate. The whole industry would be safer for the participants and make more money than it cost the government.
Another industry that could result from the legalization of a victimless crime is the drug industry. Other western countries have begun to deal with their drug problem with the legalization, taxation, and regulation of the drug industry. In Canada they have safe-centers where people go to get high on their preferred drug. There are tests before hand to make sure the person is not already using another drug or pregnant, the takers are monitored to insure that they are safe, and the whole process gains a lot of money for the government. I propose we do something similar in America. This will create all kinds...

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