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Left and Right Brain Learning Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Healthy Learning From Left To Right
COLL 100
American Military University
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Healthy Learning From Left to Right
The left and right side of our brains learn differently; we need to keep them both sharp by challenging them and making healthy choices.   When we take in information we tend to lean on our “dominant hemisphere”, which translates into favoring one side of the brain over the other.   It is important to strengthen your “non-dominant hemisphere”, to become a more intelligent well-rounded individual ("Left and Right Brain Learning," 2010).   In the article, The Total Brain Workout, Dr. John Morley, director of geriatric medicine and professor at the St. Louis University School of medicine, states that, “when you live in front of a television screen, you’re not using your brain.   Instead you need to consistently challenge your brain so it will age healthfully” (Corrigan, 2003, para. 5).   Having a basic understanding of the left and right brain or hemisphere will assist us in our quest for a happier lifestyle with a sharper, healthier brain.
We all know that we think and learn in different ways.   A. Hilliard defines learning style as, “the sum of the patterns of how individuals develop habitual ways of responding to experience and distinguishes learning styles by considering the holistic vs. the analytic learner ("Learning Styles, Culture & Hemispheric Dominance," 1997, para. 2).   In other words an “analytic learner” is a left-brain dominant learner that processes information “analytically” and a “holistic learner” is a right-brain dominant learner that processes information “holistically” ("Left-Brain Versus Right-Brain Learning," n.d., para. 3).   Webster’s dictionary defines analytic as, “separating into elemental parts or basic principals” (Soukhanov, 1994, p. 104) and defines holistic as, “being concerned with the wholes rather than the analysis or dissection of parts” (Soukhanov, 1994, p. 587).  
So, how do you know if you...

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