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Learning Video Script Essay

  • Submitted by: mellyana
  • on August 28, 2013
  • Category: English
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Learning Video Script
Material : Expressing agreement and disagreement
By :
  1. Mellyana A1B210026
  2. M. Irwansyah A1B210029
  3. Fitri Ferina A1B210030
  4. Yustiana Mulia Sari A1B210031
  5. Noor Aisyah A1B210032
Hi, there!
How are you doing today guys? I hope you’re fine. In today’s lesson, you will watch four employees are arguing about the new announcement that their boss made.  
From this video, you will learn how to express agreement and disagreement. Agreement and disagreement are the expressions of stating whether one agrees or does not agree to an opinion or idea of other people. To express agreement informally, you can say “That’s quite true!”, “You are right!”, and for formal situations, you can say “I agree with you”, “I think I’d accept your views/ opinion”. To expres disagreement informally, you can say “No, I don’t think so!”, “That’s not right, surely!”, “No way!”, and for formal situations, you can say “I disagree entirely with that”, “I’m afraid, I can’t agree with that”
Well, after you watch the video, you are expected to be able to identify the expressions of agreement and disagreement. Oh… I have tips for you, Guys! When you are watching the video, try to focus on the way speakers speak. You can practice listening and saying the words correctly.
So, are you ready to watch the video, guys!?
Enjoy the video!

CV. Mulia Sari Nusantara, the biggest company in town facing a complicated financial crisis. This present problem makes the boss, Ms. Yustiana under a very deep pressure. This problem also makes her need to consider conducting a massive workforce reduction. Therefore, Ms. Yustiana asks her secretary to hold an important meeting with all the head divisions.
Ms. Yustiana : This Company has become the most successful company all over the town for more than 10 years. This problem will surely rub out that reputation. I need to do something quick to solve this.
*then the boss call her secretary to set up an...

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