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Learning And Cognition Essay

  • Submitted by: msprophetess
  • on March 17, 2012
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In this paper we will examine the concept of learning, and how it is related to cognition. As outlined, the main focus of questions in which I will attempt to discuss will be as follows.
a. What is the definition of learning? What role does behavior play in learning?
b. What are two different types of learning? Be sure to describe each one in your response.
c. What is the relationship between learning and cognition? Also, I will give specific example as it relates to learning and cognition.
    Learning to some is viewed as discovering new information as well as processing the information learned. According to [ref:   Ormrod, J.E. (1999)
Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience. This refers to a change in behavior, an external change that we can observe.
          Learning is a relatively permanent change in mental associations due to experience. This definition focuses on a change in mental associations, an internal change that we cannot observe.
          Behavior plays a significant roll in learning. Imagine if we did not have anyone to learn from but ourselves. Drastic, but as we have learned from psychology that behavior is learned through modeling, from observing others one has formed an idea as to how new behavior is formed. In preschool, children learn to observe the play of other children, mimicking in a way of learning the behavior. The behavior is then tried by the child and is then learned. Even in play children learn what is acceptable and what is not, but not matter what, we learn from watching others. This idea is learned from Bandur’s Social Learning Theory.
          As we continue to travel in our journey of learning we will now discuss two types of learning as it relates to our assignment. The two types of learning I have choose to discuss are Reinforcement and Observational Learning
          In this positive and negative are the keys to learning. As stated...

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