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Learning Essay

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  • on June 21, 2014
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Social Learning Theory or Social Control Theory?

Social learning theory and social control theory

Social control theory and social learning theories that suggest why deviant

behavior is chosen to be acted upon some people and not other . They both take

different viewpoint on the issue. Social control theories, is based on how people's

attitude on their bonds to society. If the bond are strong, they conform but if the

bond are strong, they conform, but if the bonds are not strong, they will act out and

become introduce to certain criminal behaviors or deviant behaviors . Social

learning theory, is argue that people learns from observing others , and based on

based on what there are, they make the choice of whether copy to obtain what they

desire or chose not to if the results they see are not very pleasant. These theories

are explanation on why people engage in delinquent behavior.

I believe that the most accurate theory between the two are social learning

theory. Because, in the social learning process now patterns of behavior can be

taken through on experience or by just observing someone else behavior. This is

something that happens daily, and I can also relate to this theory very easily: The

more accurate form of learning rooted by the recording and punishing

consequences that follow any given actions. From what i see everyday, individual

are repeatedly confronted with situations with they must deal with one way or

another. Some of the solution they try to prove was unsuccessful while others

produce more favorable effects. Going through this processor of differential

reinforcement successful modes of behavior are eventually selected from

exploratory activities while ineffectual ones are discard.

We all know that is commonly believed that the responses are automatically

and unconsciously forced by their consequences. Simple act can be corrected to...

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