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Leaning Styles Essay

  • Submitted by: chrisguerra23
  • on March 18, 2012
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Different people absorb information in different ways.   Over the years I have experienced different styles of teaching and they have been critical to my learning.   hands-on, visual, splitter, and group learner.  
When I first came to the U.S the English language represented a huge obstacle for me, but with the teaching of my 6th grade ESL teacher I was able to learn at a fast pace .   Mrs. Moses was an expert on making learning fun. Her mini marker boards, flashcard games, interactive videos with questions, music, and books of short stories made class very visual and hands-on.   Our classes’ enthusiasm made activities like dancing to “Heads Shoulders knees and Toes” and playing Blue’s Clues more enjoyable and easier to comprehend.   When the weather was nice we spent the class outside where we read some of our favorite short stories in English and our first language. My favorite time of the class was the last 30 minutes, during, I mostly played kids scrabble, memory, or learned words from flashcards.   With these games I was able to learn how to read and write over 1000 words. Mrs. Moses teaching style helped me overcome the barriers of the English language and created a basis for my English for middle school and high school.
Growing older I was very interested in playing soccer but mild asthma excluded me from participating in the school team.   That all change in 9th grade when Coach Hazeltine saw me playing outside during lunch and asked me to join the team.   First week of practice was all about footwork so coach got a ball and started dribbling; he then gave every player a ball and told us we had to correctly complete every footwork drill synchronized with him.   During the second week of practice Coach broke up the team into 3 groups (attack, midfield, and defense) and showed us hours of closely studied film of some of the great soccer teams at the time.   The offense part of the film covered in great detail how to be successful in most situations players could...

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