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Leadership in Lw Enforcement Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Leadership in Law Enforcement
Georgia Goudy
Colorado Technical University
CJUS630-1302B-01 Law Enforcement Management
Phase 1 Individual Project
Assistant Professor Peter J. Herdt
May 27, 2013

This paper delves into shared leadership, a definition and some of the advantages and disadvantages that it can have in law enforcement. I also will give my explanation of visionary leadership and its virtue.

Leadership In Law Enforcement
    “Over the years, the style and practice of leadership within law enforcement agencies has gradually changed. In the past, leadership was primarily relegated to one individual within the department. However, there has been a transformation in leadership theory resulting in more dynamic, multifaceted nature of teamwork, inclusion, and dispersed leadership. More and more, police chiefs are being encouraged to move toward a more participatory leadership style of management, one that encourages collaboration and cooperation in decision-making process.” (CTU 2013)
Shared Leadership
    Shared leadership is when the role of leaders is broadly distributed among an organization and the people within that organization lead each other. It is a balance of powers. Three types of shared leadership are: suggestion involvement which is the easiest and has the lowest risk, it keeps the authority at the senior level but allows the entire team to voice there opinions and give input to decisions made; job involvement which also allows for the voicing of opinions and allows some authority in decision making, and high involvement, which works well in a team environment when there is time and room to work out everyone’s theories, has a balance of power. All of these lend a sense of ownership that result in greater motivation, communication, and innovation.   There are two preconditions of shared leadership, the team members must be willing to give advice and feedback and the team must be ready and willing...

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