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Leadership in Business Essay

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Principles of Management

Leadership and Motivation

The term leadership in business refers to the ability to influence people towards the attainment of organizational goals. Leadership involves the use of power in most cases, the people in business that are leaders are usually the managers or people with power. Leadership requires the ability to give instructions, advices to team members and solve problems. This is one of business biggest if not the most important topic or area to focus on. Over the years, leadership has changed dramatically whereas in the 1980s and 90s leadership was more equated to larger-than-life personalities, strong egos and personal ambitions. In business it is important not to misunderstand the differences between Leadership and Management as leaders tend to be more soulful, visionary and passionate as managers are more consulting, rational and deliberate. Leadership traits and personal characteristics of leaders are factors that every leader possesses. There are a few main types of leadership styles:
(1) Laissez-Faire
A laissez-faire leader lacks direct supervision of employees and fails to provide regular feedback to those under his supervision. Highly experienced and trained employees requiring little supervision fall under the laissez-faire leadership style. However, not all employees possess those characteristics. This leadership style hinders the production of employees needing supervision. The laissez-faire style produces no leadership or supervision efforts from managers, which can lead to poor production, lack of control and increasing costs.
(2) Autocratic
The autocratic leadership style allows managers to make decisions alone without the input of others. Managers possess total authority and impose their will on employees. No one challenges the decisions of autocratic leaders. Countries such as Cuba and North Korea operate under the autocratic leadership style. This leadership style benefits employees who require close...

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