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Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: Keithbreeden1
  • on February 27, 2014
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What is leadership you ask? Well Leadership is defined as ‘the process in which an individual influences the group of individuals to attain a common goal’. The goal is attained by mutual cooperation and cohesive behavior. A leader infuses a sense of positivity and directs others to reach the specified goal. A leader is someone who stands not only for his cause but takes responsibility and motivates other individuals also. There is a clear difference between being a boss and a leader. A leader is a motivation for others and inspires individuals to aim high and attain that aim. However a boss only supervises over his subordinates. Power naturally comes to a leader but that power is not a tool of leader.
Three major leadership styles are viewed within psychology: authoritarian, democratic, and delegative.   An authoritarian leader will be involved in every aspect of a task, defining what needs to be done, how, and when. This leadership style can be seen as productive and quite efficient but it lacks the personable side that a leader needs in order to relate to his workers. Being relatable certainly isn't a required of a good leader but in order to be a well-rounded leader. I think a distinction between effective leadership and well-rounded leadership must be made in order to correctly evaluate a leader's quality.   Authoritarian leadership can take the shape of dictatorship because the leader makes decisions without the input of those working alongside or "under" them.   The positive qualities associated with this form of leadership are the leader is typically organized, dependable, and contemplative. Democratic leaders are involved in all aspects of the work setting but at the same time place value on the input of others who work with him. Democratic leaders guide the members of their time while taking into account the importance of their personal contributions. On the other hand delegative leaders place most of the responsibility on the members of their teams without...

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