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Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: 21daysofsummer
  • on September 3, 2013
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As an underclassman I never realized how much work and responsibility really comes with being a leader.   I have always looked up to my captains and have been motivated to excel both as an athlete and a morally upright person because they were so dedicated and inspiring in what they did. As I approach my fourth and final year with the Westfield Colorguard, I not only hope to become a leader but also a role model to my teammates so they, too, can see me as a source of motivation.
One of the things a leader must understand is that they are not superior to anyone. What makes a leader unlike anyone in the group is their ability to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. A few of the distinct attributes that would make me a respected captain is that I am dedicated, passionate, and skilled. Anything and everything I do is planned according to my guard schedule. Missing practice for any reason besides being severely ill is not an option for me because I signed a contract and I intend on fulfilling my commitment to this team. Also, practice to me isn’t just the time we meet as a group. I’ve done guard for three years, yet there are areas that could use improvement, which is why I spin even outside of practice hours. Over the years I have developed a true love for this sport. I look forward going to guard everyday because I get to do what I love with the people I have come to see as family. I never feel compelled to complain about it being too hot and being too tired because quite frankly I enjoy being at practice and I noticed that exuding this type of energy really motivates others to do the same. In addition, I have grown a lot over the past three years. I’ve not only become a strong spinner but also a pretty decent dancer, which I would’ve never expected of myself. I also have a bit of an advantage, as this will be my third year spinning rifle and sabre. Through my skills I will be able to physically demonstrate how something is suppose to be done and help...

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