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Leadership Essay

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In organization, there are rules that employees can read and follow; however, the culture cannot be easily written down on the paper for employees. The definition of organizational culture according to Bro Uttal (1983) it can be described as a system that can share values and beliefs to contact with people and produce behavior norms in the organization. Organizational Culture is very important to the company as it can influence every aspect of the organization. As stated by Desson and Clouthier (2010) organizational culture has influenced on the way of employee thinking when making decision and on the organization’s willingness to change. It can be a strength or weakness to company when implement their initiative and achieve its goal.
Organizational culture can be seen as two layers, observable culture and core culture. Observable culture includes language, rituals and routines, stories and so on that can be seen in daily basis. On the other hand as stated by McShane and Von (2002, p. 448) core culture includes beliefs, value and assumptions. They cannot be seen on the surface, but their effects are everywhere. This paper is going to talk about rituals and routines, diversity and symbols as the key components of organizational culture that provide competitive advantage.  
Rituals and Routines are the important elements of organization culture. According to Robbins et al. (1994, p. 752) Rituals includes formal process such as induction, training program, and employees meeting. On the other hands, informal process includes afternoon tea break, briefing before service and drinks after work. The purpose of the rituals is to inform employees and maintain organization’s value and beliefs. For example, as the previous working experience at the restaurant in Queensland Performing Art Centre (QPAC), on the first day, there would be an induction program for new employee about the history, structure, and vision of the organization. The induction can give new employee the...

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