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Le Chatelier's Principle Essay

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Experiment Le Chatelier’s Principle

The purpose of this experiment is to observe Le Chatelier’s Principle.
Le Chatelier’s Principle is to show us how a system remains at equilibrium when it is put under stress and how it will correct itself to relieve that stress and re-establish equilibrium. The equilibrium reaction can be pushed out of equilibrium by applying various methods such as a change in concentration, temperature, volume, or partial pressure, the equilibrium of the product will shift to counteract the change to establish a new equilibrium.
Experiment and Observation
I gathered together my materials. Tap water, toothpicks, distilled water, crushed ice, 2 coffee spoons, rubber bands, 2 beakers 50 mL, magnifier, dual, pencil marking, thermometer, well plate 24, E.D.T.A., 0.15 M (Na2EDTA) -2 mL in pipet, Hydrochloric Acid, 6 M – 2 mL in pipet, Magnesium Chloride, 2 M – 3 mL in pipet, Phenolphthalein Solution 1% - 0.5 mL in Pipet, 2 pipet, Empty short stem,   Sodium Bisulfate Crystals – 0.5 g in vial, Sodium Bisulfate, 0.1 – 4 mL in pipet, Sodium Hydroxide, 1 M – 2 mL in Pipet, Sodium Sulfate, 1 M -2 mL in pipet, Thymol Blue Indicator 0.04% -0.5 mL in pipet.
Part I
I prepared an ice bath by partially filing one of the 50 mL beakers with tap water and crushed ice. I then prepared a hot water bath by partially filing another 50 mL beaker with hot tap water and set both aside.
Using the 24 well-plate I added 5 drops of 2.0 M MgCl2 magnesium chloride solution to wells C1 and C2 and 10 drops to wells C3 and C4. I added 1 drop of phenolphthalein to wells C1, C2, C3 and C4 and stirred them with a clean toothpick.   I then added 5 drops of 1.0 M NaOH, sodium hydroxide solution to wells C1, C2, C3 and C4 and stirred them. Cells 1 and 2 turned a dark pink while cells 3 and 4 were a lighter pink.   Cells 1 and 2 would have a shift to the right and be endothermic while cells 3 and 4 would have a shift to the left and be exothermic. I then added 6.0 M...

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