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Ldom Creation Essay

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Virtualization - Using logical domains (LDom)
You have heard about this word   "virtualization" now days in the   IT world. Logical domains (LDOM) is one of the para virtualization available with the Sun Sparc T1 and T 2 systems(Sun4v).   You can follow these simple steps to create your logical domains on your T1 and T2 systems. If you want to try it on x86 boxes , please use XEN
Before going to the install , understand the   key components in LDOM's.
Software piece works on the top of the hardware. Responsible for maintaining the isolation of domains. Interacts between the hardware   and the OS.
Control Domain
Creats and manages the other logical domains ans service and services
Service, I/O domains
Provides the virtual network switch or virtual disk
Guest Domain
Uses the services from the services and I/O domains and is managed by the control domain. In broad term , can be   considered as the additional OS which will get   installed on the machine
Virtual devices
.All the guest domains will be accessing the virtual devices. Like CPU,memory MAU,NIC,Disks,Consoles.
Ldom manager
Controls hypervisor and all domains. It can run in any domain, but only 1 domain at a time. its a Cli utilty exposes to the administrator. maps logical domains to physical resources.
Now its ready for action:---
Get a T1000 or T2000 box
Install Solaris 10 U3 or higher
Connect to Service processor or SC to check the firmware version
sc> show host
Sun-Fire-T2000 System Firmware 6.4.2 2007/04/02 18:07
Host flash versions:
Hypervisor 1.4.1 2007/04/02 16:37
OBP 4.26.1 2007/04/02 16:26
POST 4.26.0 2007/03/26 16:45
Upgrade   your system firmware   if its below 6.4.2. If its below 6.4.2 , please follow the instruction mention at the bottom of this page or refer the firmware upgrade docs.
Check the OS verison and patch level
# uname -a
SunOS 5.10 Generic_118833-36 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200
# pkginfo -x | grep jass
upgrade the OS level or add the patches/packages...

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