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Laura Essay

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  • on August 31, 2013
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Slavery and indentured servitude played a very major part in colonial American society. Without slaves and indentured servants, colonial America wouldn’t have been able to flourish as it did. Slaves and indentured servants provided the majority of the work force, especially at large plantations. Slavery insured that the masters had lifelong service, while as indentured servants only provided five to seven years or service.
Originally, the workforce consisted of only indentured servants, not slaves. Indentured servants voluntarily agreed to work for five to seven years to either pay off debt, or receive a “free” trip to the colonies. The trip for indentured servants wasn’t exactly free, though. They had to work to pay off the “free” trip. Indentured servants signed a contract with their master. After signing this contract, they were the master’s property for five to seven years. If the servant failed to meet the requirements of this contract, the time could be lengthened and/or other punishments may be brought upon them. Eventually, the indentured servants were guaranteed freedom, unless they very severely broke the contract. At first, when the servants served all of their time, they bought land, and became a well off free man. A woman couldn’t get land, but they could marry to a man now, because indentured servants could not marry while serving. Later, indentured servants were not well off when they became free. Even after ten years, they still struggled to get land and be treated as a free man/woman. They often went back to work for either the same or different master. So, indentured servants played a very major part in colonial American society. More so in the beginning times of the colonies, but they also contributed at later dates with the slaves.
Slaves became the majority of workers in the Southern colonies. This means that the contributions of slaves were most major in the Southern colonies. Slaves were a free source of labor that was lifelong. Slaves...

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