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Latin Translation Essay

  • Submitted by: essaygirl1012sc
  • on February 26, 2014
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On the next day, when quintus and dumnorix hurried to the furthest part of the island, the soldier angrily searched the town for dumnorix. Atlast Salvius announced the business. Find out when dumnorix escaped down, in violent rage. All the soldiers who guard dumnorix, a punishment is in order. Also to search for quintus, but he was nowhere to be found, Belimicus, chief Cantiaci, was summoned.   “Belimicus,” he said,”Dumnorix escaped right out of my hand; Quintus Caecilius is gona also. Trust   Neither Dumnorix nor Quintus. Quintus often has support for dumnorix, they often talked to eachother.   Now you will lead the soldiers and look in all the parts of town.   Search for the slave too. The easy was to find out is by torturing the slave.”   Belimicus, go out with many soldiers,   and carefully search through town. Meanwhile I will anxiously wait for salvius to return.   When salvius considered the problem himself, Belimicus suddenly returned.   The slave dragged quintus into the middle of the atrium. “Its wiked that he ran away,” he said,”But this slave will take you and question you to reveal the truth.” Selvius having turned to the trembling slave,” Where is quintus caecilius?” he said. “Where did dumnorix run away to?” “I do not know” said the slave who suffered much torture, now is hardly able to say anything. “I know nothing” belimicus, when hearing this, drew his sword to the slaves throat. “you better be,” he said, “saying the truth salvius.” The slave who already has given up on life “he prepared food for six days,” he whispered.”He did nothing else. Domnorix has fled to the furthest part of britan my master. “by hurcules” salvius said,”ill do go Agricola. Quintus, encourage domnorix to try to block the way for me; he would however be a large fool; I would not be able to resist, because I have larger authority then him. “” salvius, when tis was aid, belimicsu gave instructions. He orderd thirty horsemen to go and arrest the fugitive. Hand over the slave...

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