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Landslides Essay

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1.1 Introduction
Landslides, also commonly referred to in the plural as slope failures or slope instability, are a serious geologic hazard common to many regions of the world. Globally, landslides cause billions of dollars in property damage and injuries running into the thousands each year.
Slope instability is a complex phenomenon that can occur at many scales and for many reasons. There are many challenges in the accurate assessment of slope reliability on the one hand and landslide susceptibility on the other. It is essential to understand the basic causes and mechanisms of slope failures which are caused by decreased shear strength and increased pore water pressure.
This project reviews cases of major landslides that occur in our region such as White Mountain, Al-Bathan and Borqa village.
Slop stability analysis for real cases will be done in Part II of this project. It will check possibility of land sliding and recommend measurement to stabilize the slope. Conclusions, general recommendation will be suggested to minimize the danger of sliding.
Chapter Two reviews general aspects of land sliding which is the ground movement, such as rock falls, deep failure of slopes and shallow debris flows. This chapter added sections on definition of landslides, causes of landslides, its effects, its types, also includes investigation of landslides, instrumentation, analysis of landslides, methods of correcting land sliding, conclusions and references.
Slope stability is presented in Chapter Three. The term slope stability may be defined as the resistance of inclined surface to failure by sliding or collapsing. In this chapter the definition of slope stability, factor of safety for Slope Stability will be shown also the finite slope and infinite slope will be discussed as types of slope stability.
Chapter Four shows several examples of landslides in our region such as, White Mountain Landslide at Almajeen area, Nablus City, Burqa Landslide at Dair Sharaf Bizzaria...

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