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Land Alienation Up to 1930 Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Explain the process of land alienation up to 1930.
The failure of the Rhodes to acquire the Witwatersburg gold rush in Johannesburg drove him to believe in the second rand in Zimbabwe. However the failure of the BSACo, which had been formed by Rhodes using the charter which her majestic Queen Victoria had granted her , to secure the highly anticipated prospects of the second rand that they had hoped to find, drove the white settlers towards the next possible asset-land. Although it was meant mainly for mining exploration, it took time for it to be turned into an agricultural madness. Over time as the white realised its true value of the land, it took over as the backbone of the settler economy. In order to secure their livelihood the settlers designed strategies and policies which were aimed at alienating land from the indigenous black people as well as obtaining cheap labour.
The signing of the Rudd Concession in 1888 signified the advent of the much discriminatory process namely the Land Alienation. Through a series of laws and events it had, by 1930 had almost reached its climax through the Land Apportionment Act. From its onset till 1930, it took various steps ranging from the Charter of 1889’’ the Order in Council Acts which subsequently created the Land Commissions of 1902and 1914, Land Allocation Policy of 1905, Morris Carter Commission of 1925 and eventually the Land Apportionment Act of 1930. The process provided land for European settlers at first through outright gifts of land and later the sale at very low prices of choice farmland in the country. In the process, it deprived the native Zimbabweans of their precious wealth which was the land. They were driven to ethically designated Tribal Trust Lands also known as Reserves. Over time, the whites drove hard terms and laws which strengthened their claim on the Zimbabwean land. This way, the process of land alienation took place in the Southern Rhodesia.

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