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Lance Armstrong Essay

  • Submitted by: dev908
  • on March 18, 2012
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Lance Armstrong is known as a competitive bike racer who has accomplished a great deal throughout his life including seven tour de France victories and surviving deadly cancer. His life includes many ups and downs and is full of successes and failures. Even though Lance Armstrong battled with cancer he was still able to fight and accomplish his goals.
Lance Armstrong’s call to adventure started when Lance received his first bike realizing that biking was going to be something that would ultimately change his life. He said, “When the other kids were swimming at the country club, I was biking for miles after school, because it was my chance” (Armstrong 26). He was determined to find something he could succeed at and it looked like biking would provide that opportunity. At this point Lance had his number one supporter, his mother. She was his single most important helper, teaching him how to succeed, telling him “son, you never quit” (Armstrong 26). Lance knew that his mother was his ultimate helper. He said “my mother had become my best friend and most loyal ally. She was my organizer and my motivator, a dynamo”…“If you can’t give 110 percent, you won’t make it, she would tell me” (Armstrong 29). Lance continued on this journey by entering numerous races throughout his younger years. Eventually Lance became bored and wanted to cross into the real racing scene. He said, “I knew the real racing scene was in Europe, and I felt I should be there” (Armstrong 38). He was determined and one day he finally crossed the threshold when he received a phone call. It was Chris Carmichael the U.S national team’s new director. He said “How would you like to go to Europe?” (Armstrong 40). Lance knew “it was time to get out of the house” (Armstrong 40). This is exactly what he did. He thought to himself “I had no idea what I was getting into” (Armstrong 40). Lance was a very strong rider but he did not fully understand all the tactics that were vital in racing. In his first race,...

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