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Lac Su Essay

  • Submitted by: itsmejaclynle
  • on March 18, 2012
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Lac Su Reflection

“You’re experiencing the one thing I’ve wanted my entire life—a free education.”
I feel that I can relate a lot to this quote because my parents think the same way.   My dad never really had a good education when he was younger because the communist did not allow it.   Education is one of the biggest pull factors that led my dad to the United States today.   As soon as he left Malaysia and made it to Canada, he enrolled for a University in Toronto right away, along with many jobs to support for his schooling. It was hard for my dad, coming to America knowing nobody, going to school full time, with a part time job to pay for his tuition. After four years when he got his degree, he got a job offer in California and there he went to Cal State Long beach to complete his Masters.   Education is very important to my father and he has worked so hard for it.   My dad would always tell me, “Your best gift to me is just getting good grade.” Now in my generation, unlike my father, my education is basically free, so I have to do well to make my daddy proud.

I love my father. I realize now that I always have and always will. I understand what he was trying to teach me all those years. My father always talked to me like I was already a man. It was all he knew. In a sense, I had to grow into the wisdom that my father bestowed upon me so bluntly at such an early age. I see now that he was building a ridge for me to cross—from boyhood to manhood. Pa was always working on this bridge, and it was in sight while I was growing up, though it was too far from being finished for me to appreciate. When I finally reached the bridge, it was there for me to cross with ease. I realize now that Pa lived in fear. He invested so much neurotic energy in making
sure I’d get to the bridge because he was terrified that he would never see its completion.
This quote to me really caught my eye because this is exactly how I feel about my dad.   My daddy is one of the strongest man...

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