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Lab3 Essay

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The Effect of Substrate Concentration and pH on Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions
This experiment was designed to determine the effect of substrate concentration on the initial rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction and the effect of pH on the initial rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. An interesting subject, and one would suggest that as the higher the amount of concentration, the higher the number of molecules of product per minute would be. One would also suggest that the higher(basic) or lower(acidic) the pH, the wider the change in molecules formed per minute would be with a decrease in the amount of acidic and an increase in basic. Such a topic is important to understand because enzymes are essential for life. Every person depends on enzymes to help along chemical reactions that happen every second. Enzymes are complex proteins that cause chemical changes that help break down foods, clot blood, and are found in every organ and cell in the body. Enzymes are used in blood, saliva, gastric juice, and much more.
If the amount of substrate is added to a more acidic solution, the amount of molecules formed per minute will be lower, and when added to a more basic solution, the amount of molecules formed per minute will be higher. The amount of substrates will dictate the quantity of product formed per minute. The control for the experiment being the solution with a pH of 7 to remain as neutral as possible. The independent variable in this experiment is the number of molecules produced per minute, and the dependent variable in this experiment is the pH levels. The level of treatment and replication are exact in this experiment because it is a computer guided and generated lab. Pending that everyone had followed the instructions and clicked the right buttons to adjust pH, everyone should have the same results. It can be reproduced exactly time and time again without fail of adding too much substrate or contaminants because it is all coded into the program.

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