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Lab Week 2: Technology Infrastructure of E-Commerce Essay

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Lab Week 2: Technology Infrastructure of E-Commerce

By the end of this lab work you should be able to:

      * define the various network media and their application and limitations for e-commerce businesses
      * identify some of the key standards and protocols supporting e-commerce businesses
      * know how HTML tags and links work on the World Wide Web
      * understand the differences among internets, intranets, and extranets
      * make appropriate network choices for e-commerce business planning
Review Questions
  1. In one or two paragraphs, explain the difference between a network access provider and an Internet service provider.
A network access provider is a larger scale “ISP” as in they provide internet access on a larger scale. A NAP will rent lease or sell internet access to large companies or to smaller companies called internet service providers. Internet service providers are the companies who then deal with individuals at the residential level and small businesses who need internet access. So essentially the two are the same except a network access provider will provide services on a larger scale and an internet service provider will provide very similar access to those on a smaller scale.

  2. In about 150 words, describe the similarities and differences between XML and HTML. Provide examples of at least two situations in which you would use XML and two situations in which you would use HTML.
XML and HTML are similar in that they are both powerful tools for creating web pages
that use tags to organize data. However, XML is not a markup language with defined
tags, as is HTML. XML is a framework within which individuals, companies and
others can create their own tags. These tags do not specify how the text will appear on
a web page – the tags convey the meaning of the information included with them.

One would choose HTML if they were building a simpler page that did not require data...

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