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Knitting Faults Essay

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Knitted Fabric Faults:
Faults in circular knitting production can be caused varies ways and quite a few of them can not be related to just one cause. The following explanation is expected to be helpful in trying to locate the cause of these faults easier.
Reasons of knitted fabric faults:
  * Yarn manufacturing faults
  * Fabric manufacturing faults
  * Fabric processing faults – dyeing, printing & finishing faults.
Sources of knitted fabric faults:
  * Faults in yarn & yarn package
  * Yarn feeding & yarn feed regulator
  * Machine setting pattern defected
  * Machine maintenance
  * Climate conditions in knitting plant
Various kinds of faults occurred during our training:
  1. Needle line:
  * Decayed needle
  * Bended needle
  * Old needle
  * Broken needle

  2. Sinker mark:

  * When sinker corrodes due to abrasion then sometimes it can not hold a new loop as a result sinker mark comes
  * Due to sinker decayed
  * Faulty adjustment of sinker with sinker cam
  * Old sinker

  3. Holes:

During loop formation, already broken yarn forms holes of different sizes.
  * Holes in most cases are caused by excessive tension on the yarn. If stitch cams are adjusted too deep & there is excessive tension on the yarn, it will break, causing a hole.
  * If the dial height is too high, this will also cause a tremendous strain on the yarn.
  * Other factors that produce excessive tension on the yarn/stitch are as follows:
  * Too tight a take-down pull
  * The positive feed system operating improperly
  * Badly wound yarn
  * Yarn with thin or weak spots
  * Dirty or clogged surfaces in which the yarn passes through
  * Yarn wrap around
  * Defective or damaged needle can also cause holes. If there are any rough spots on the needle they will actually cut the yarn.

  4. Fly yarn contamination:

  * If dyed yarn, mélange yarn & grey yarn processed in...

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