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Kitty Hart Essay

  • Submitted by: 15alyssaehlers
  • on March 18, 2012
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Kitty Hart

A little girl full of wonder, curiosity, gentleness, playfulness and love for all wonderful things is

a great way to describe me in the early years of my life.   Why did this change?   Why was I different

from others later on?   Me and many like me became singled out because we were Jews.

When Hitler became Fuhrer and the reign of Nazi Germany began, many Jewish families went

into hiding.   One of those families was mine.   My family was different though.   We did not go into

hiding where we could not be seen, but we hid by working in the German community.

After working for months in the German factory, my mother and I were caught and sent to

Auschwitz.   Our time spent in Auschwitz was filled with trials and hardship.   We did not receive much

food or water. Nor did we receive much clothing or shelter.   Many people around us got sick and did

not survive long. The work was grueling and the meals meager.   Sickness was a huge cause of death in

the camp.

Another cause of death that my mother and I miraculously escaped was the gas chambers.  

Upon entering the camp many people who were unable to work were sent to those to be

“exterminated.”   When you entered the camp most were told to go right or left.   If you were sent to the

right you were to be gassed.   To the left was where people went to be “cleaned up” and sent to work.

After many long months of terror caused by the frequent beatings and the the ever lingering fear

of being sent to the gas chambers, the allies finally won.   The Germans, in a last attempt to

“exterminate” us, made us hike many miles up the mountains.   Many of us died of starvation,

exhaustion, and hypothermia.   Finally, with only a few of us left, the Allies found us and sent us to


After marrying and having children, I have less anger inside.   I see that some people are blinded

by wrong and don't know what they are doing.   I am now 85.   I once was a little...

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