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Kiran & Deepa Ghodgaonkar’s Authentic Hindu Wedding Essay

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  • on August 30, 2013
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Ashley Polk
REL 110 IN1
Kiran & Deepa Ghodgaonkar’s Authentic Hindu Wedding
Now, let me begin by saying that I wasn’t able to visit a different place of worship other than my own. Instead of doing that, I decided to do a study about traditional Hindu weddings, which was better than nothing at all.
During the wedding, a bride and groom are united as one, as always; however; in this particular wedding, it is being done the traditional Hindu way. This includes having the wedding inside a canopy-like structure, known as a mandap. Inside the mandap, the guests, along with the bride and groom are supposed to be seated on mats during the ceremony. Every wedding is supposed to have some type of fire nearby, possibly inside of a dish, so that the bride and groom will be able to walk around it later on in the ceremony. The participants include; the bride, groom, priest, Bride’s parents, Groom’s parents, Bride’s maternal uncle, Bride’s brother, the best man, a chorus and the flower girls.
Before the wedding begins, a groom rides in on an elephant and the bride’s mother receives him so she can put a wet red powder on his forehead, called kumkum. The groom then gives a coconut to the bride’s mother as a gift to show his appreciation for being allowed to marry her daughter. This is when the bride’s parents bring in the groom as well as the best man before the bride arrives after the groom and best man have been positioned underneath the mandap. The groom’s family has already been seated prior to his arrival. This is where the bride comes in following the flower girls while holding garland and being brought in by her uncle.
The priest is the one who officiates at the ceremony. After the bride is positioned underneath the mandap alongside her soon-to-be husband, the priest opens the ceremony and they then take their seats facing one another. After they have been seated, the chorus sings the slokas: Invocation to Lord Ganesha, Saraswati and the prayer for Harmony....

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