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Killiing Me Softy Essay

  • Submitted by: Pete3232
  • on February 26, 2014
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Killing Us Softly 4
After viewing Killing Me Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne in my psy 101 I had numerous reactions to the film. When I first started viewing the film I began to think that Kilbourne was just another feminist lady preaching evils of society of women how are portrayed as sex objects in the advertising industry. However has the documentary progressed and Kilbourne talking and showing the images, I began to think that maybe Kilbourne had some excellent points. As film progressed I couldn’t help but think she was trying to make a mole out of an ant hill. However, after having a few days to process the film as a whole and having viewed some TV and remembering what Kilbourne was trying to get across in her documentary, I began to have second thoughts; I began to see worth in what Kilbourne was trying to get across.   The ads we see every day on billboards, magazines, bus stops ECT.... can advertise anything and everything.   A majority of these ads feature beautiful skinny women modeling for clothing lines, their faces for makeup products, and even body parts for shoes and accessory; we admire these women for their beauty and strive to mirror their perfection. The truth is this isn’t everyday women look. They’re not skinny, don’t have flawless skin and don’t have the perfect equal and sized boobs.   Kilbourne also pointed out that woman’s bodies in ads are regularly being transformed into objects like a Budweiser bottle with legs. Women in these ads being dehumanized is the first step towards justifying violence and if these ads continue to run and be seen, it could lead young men to think of women more as objects than a human. When I saw these ads I never gave it a second thought of how hurtful and degrading to women.   We see ads everyday on television, however we never think about what the ad is really trying to say. Clothing ads uses jingles to make us want to be thinner and ads for food and alcohol use jingles that involve sexual images in order to sell...

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