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Killer Program Essay

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important note : this plan is geared and recommended for Healthy Adult Men that have intermediate to advanced experience at the gym. it is not to be performed by individuals who are minors or persons with medical conditions. Always consult your physician & Doctor before starting any serious sport activity.
This Program was solely developed by me as a result of my 20 years experience in natural bodybuilding. it contains 3 important components : weight training , Diet and cardio.
it is Mandatory to Stick to the plan in every detail to obtain good results. Failure to Follow the plan accordingly will hinder greatly the results.
Your Main asset during This journey is your Will, hard work and Dedication.
Some of You will fail to Comply and to fully adhere to the plan for different reasons but the rest of you who have the Guts to Take on the Challenge and go on with the Plan will be rewarded with probably the best physique they ever had, Will you be one of them???.
NB: please note that i have Always been a 100% natural Bodybuilder and i Always Knew that the Big Boys either on the Magazines or the So Called Gym Rats at the Gym were Taking Steroids and performance enhancing Drugs. all of you guys know that! but that did not stop me from always researching the Best Natural way to optimize my shape to the best i can in a 100% Natural way. i had my ups and downs, i have red 100's of Magazines, 100's of reviews on nutritions and supplements and i genuinely think at this point that i know a good deal about what works and what does not work.
The First think you guys will Notice is the SIMPLICITY of the PLAN! Lots of folks think that it is so complicated to get in shape whereas in reality we need to keep it as simple as possible to succeed , trust me on this! ;)
First of all let me go through the Supplements i take and am still taking either continuously or periodically, you guys will...

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