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Kidney Disease Essay

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Kidney Disease

Middle-age adult is an “individual in the transitional life span between young adult and elderly approximately 35 to 65 years of age, whose psychological task, according to Erikson is generativity vs. stagnation” (Medical Dictionary Web, 2010) Even though middle age adults have a lot of hurdles in their life such as role confusion, self-identity, education and achievement they want to overcome these obstacles and look forward to a new period of time that will provide them with endless rewards. Middle- age adult is usually referred to as “sandwich generation” where they settle with their family, have a secure career, support their children and take care of their elderly parents. Therefore, when one experiences trauma or an illness it is crucial for them to overcome the obstacle and face the challenges of the illness only with their developed ability that they have matured into because in the stage of middle-age adult their maturity allows them to conquer the challenges better than in another stage. Nursing care goal is crucial for individuals whom fall ill in this stage as it encourages one to continue with their life as healthy as possible whether that be mentally, physically or emotionally.
In this study, I will be introducing a case study on Mr. J. M. and recognize the range of transitions he faces with Renal Kidney failure, identifying physical, psychological, cognitive transitions and the nursing care required.
Mr. J.M was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada 35 years ago as he resided in Calgary for 35 years, he believes in Christianity an takes great interest in Canadian politics and strongly follow the Liberal Party. Mr. J.M. came to Canada to live a better life and further his education. He later attended teachers college and received employment at University of Calgary. In his spare time he would attend music classes across his university which is where he met his wife, they have been happily married with
2 kids....

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